What we do

Priestley Pet Sitting will look after your pets and give them a lot of care and attention. I love most animals and have always wanted to be able to look after them. If it is possible, we ask that you bring all of the necessary equipment for your pets (excluding vegetables for guinea pigs or rabbits which we will buy fresh every couple of days). Also, we have a large hutch for rabbits and guinea pigs for the nighttime and a secure run for the daytime. We will give them lots of exercise every day -we have a run for us to sit in with them- and clean them as often as they need. Your pets would get a lot of love and care because we don’t do this for work, we do it because we enjoy it!

If you want to try our dog-walking service then we would come round to your house and take your dog for a walk around a park or another open space! We would need you to provide a lead, poo bags and any other toys such as balls to play with your dog.