Pet sharing

I have wanted a pet for such a long time but can’t make the commitment of 7+ years. Also, owning a pet can be very expensive with vet bills, food, toys and enclosures. I know many people feel the same way as me and that is why I decided to create ‘Pet-sharing’.

Pet sharing is a place where anyone can share a pet with a few other families to share the expense and commitment of owning your own pet. I think this is a huge gap in the market because nobody else offers this service. I really hope that you would like to use this service because I would love to start pet sharing with somebody else as I can’t commit to 7+ years of ownership.

Same as many other people, I am not in the position to commit to a long term ownership but I adore animals and really want a pet of my own!

If you are interested in hearing more about this please contact us!!