latest news – June 2020

During these weird times we are still happy to look after any pets. I know that nobody can go on holiday abroad yet but many people are hoping to go away somewhere in this country for the summer. Also, I would love to offer support to anyone that is finding it hard to look after pets (or just wants a break from them!). I absolutely love animals and would love to look after yours!

I obviously can’t go into people’s houses to feed indoor cats at the moment. I am still very happy to walk dogs to help other people with the postcode RG4. I am very passionate about this and want to work hard to get you to come and try my business so I can look after animals and help other people for not as much money as a professional pet sitter.

Same as everyone else right now, I am really bored and have lots of spare time to offer animals love. It would make me so happy to just look after your pets as I am not in the position to get my own pet right now. Thanks!!