Hi, my name is Katie and I am the creator of Priestley pet sitting. I am 12 years old and it has been my dream to look after animals for many years. I decided to create this business because I was trying to find a pet sitter near me to look after my adorable hamster (nibbles) but I couldn’t find any near me that weren’t very expensive! This business solves all of these problems!

We look after your pets whilst you’re away, having fun on holiday! We look after your pets and give them lots of love and care for less money than a professional pet-sitter. I love animals and would give your pets a lot of attention and even make a few new toys for them to play with. We pride ourselves in being the pet-sitters that really care that your pets have a great time and we will too in the process! 

This is nelson, a guinea pig I looked after last year

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